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Health Hacks episode 7 - Radka Sevcikova

July 4, 2016
by Bryce Fleming


Hpathy magazine 

October 20, 2018
by Radka Sevcikova


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Integration of homeopathy and complementary medicine in the public health system in Italy: national regulation and regional experiences


More good news for homeopathy. Researchers in Italy recently studied 4,000 patients from the Homeopathic Clinic in Lucca, Italy.

Researchers found that homeopathy can be effectively integrated with and in many cases substituted for ordinary medicine.


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5 Myths that are stopping you from trying Homeopathic Medicine


MYTH #1:

There's nothing but sugar in the pills!

Indeed, homeopathic pellets or pillules are made from sugar. Sucrose pillules are pure sucrose with a small amount of corn starch added to act as a binding agent. Pure lactose tablets are made from milk sugar with a small amount of gum Arabic as a binder. Some enterprising homeopathic pharmacies even sell pillules made with xylitol, a widely used tooth-friendly sugar alternative. Sac lac, or Saccharum lactis, are blank sucrose or lactose pillules which have not yet been medicated.


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