Why do we need more research?


A form of medicine this widely used needs to be researched, yet scientific research in homeopathy is a relatively new field. Consequently, there are many important, unanswered questions, such as, How effective is homeopathy compared with conventional medicine for specific medical conditions? What does homeopathy cost compared with existing treatments?  What effect do homeopathic medicines have ‘in vitro’? 


Researchers around the world have begun to investigate these kinds of questions and some exciting results have been published, but more research is essential if we are to find the definitive answers both patients and healthcare providers need.


How do homeopathic medicines work?

What is the exact mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines? This is the burning question, both for advocates of homeopathy and critics of homeopathy alike.

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ADHD case series

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):
This pilot study, which has now been expanded into a pragmatic randomised controlled clinical trial, after showing positive results from homœopathic treatment, compared twenty children against a control group of ten children. The children whose treatment included homœopathy showed significant improvements after 24 weeks which still continued after one year.

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